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Back Healing Intensive with Forrest Yoga

  • Catskill Yoga House (map)

Saturday, April 1st, Back Healing Intensive:  

Our spine, back and neck muscles can sometimes feel like a reflection of our life- over worked, over burdened, and fragile.  When pain in the body manifests and sticks around, it’s common to become frustrated and feel victimized. In order to heal our pain, we must begin to change our attitude and take a nurturing approach towards these areas that are crying for attention. Our breath is our #1 line of support.  Learning to breathe into pained places, changes the patterns of constriction and hardening into patterns of spaciousness and freedom.  Layer by layer the shielding dissipates making way for stuck tension and emotions to move. 

Forrest Yoga is known for it’s precise abdominal work.  Weak abdominals and injured lower backs usually go hand in hand.  Core strength along with a strong connection to the pelvis and legs are crucial for an injury free life.  In this intensive class you will connect intelligently with your breath, feel strength in your legs and learn tools you can use to traction out your own spine.  Get ready to cultivate a new relationship with your core and develop a more compassionate attitude towards the stuck spots in your back and spine!