Scribner’s Social Club will be launching in 2018 to further our efforts to create and foster a network of like-minded creatives in the Hudson Valley and upstate enthusiasts based in the NYC area that can’t seem to stay away. Our annual membership dues of $199 include a variety benefits including access to exclusive programming for Scribner’s Social Club members and VIP treatment when staying at Scribner’s or dining at Prospect.  Members will also receive complimentary access to Scribner’s pool and last minute discounts on rooms at the Lodge.


  • Membership to an amazing community of creatives and upstate enthusiasts, including access to a private Instagram page

  • Invitations to Scribner’s Social Club exclusive programing

  • Access to Scribner’s Social Club exclusive partnership offers

  • First release invitations to programming at Scribner’s and Prospect

  • Complimentary entry to Scribner’s pood based on availability

  • Complimentary fast Wi-Fi, strong coffee and bucolic teas when onsite at Scribner’s

  • VIP treatment when staying at Scribner’s, including complimentary gifts and upgrades when available

  • VIP treatment at Prospect, including priority seating

  • Last minute discounts on rooms at Scribner’s ($199 weekend and $125 midweek)

  • All benefits encompassed in a $199 annual fee

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If you have any questions regarding the Scribner Social Club, please contact Ashley at ashley@scribnerslodge.com.